Solutions Center

Grace Manufacturing was founded in 1966 on the premise of wanting to do the complicated jobs, not just the me too’s. Over the years we have helped billion dollar medical companies develop new products that improve the lives of their patients while also being able to help smaller entrepreneurs with only an idea in his/her head to produce a manufacturable product. This has created a culture of problem solving within Grace Manufacturing. With over 50 years experience solving our customers’ problems we have become pretty darn good at it. We don’t just offer our internal technical capabilities on their own such as laser welding, photochemical etching, wire EDM, heat treating, injection molding, clean room packaging, etc but offer our customers the knowledge of how to most economically manufacture a product while achieving the highest quality standards. We are innovative manufacturers, that is what we do.

We have the unique combination of servicing the high quality standards of the medical industry with our ISO 13485:2016 certification while also having the in house experience of producing one of the top ten recognized brand names in the Housewares industry, Microplane, gaining the knowledge of what it takes to bring a product to a mass market economically and successfully. There are very few companies out there that have both of these types of in-house knowledge to help you solve your problems.

Give us a call and talk to an experienced engineer who can help you find a solution to nearly any manufacturing problem you may have. If you have talked to other manufacturers that could not help, those are the types of challenges we are looking for.