Wire EDM

Wire EDM. How it’s done?

Wire EDM is a stress free machining technique that works by submerging a workpiece and a cutting wire into de-ionized water. An electrical current is then sent through the cutting wire to create an electrical discharge, or spark, between the wire and the workpiece. This discharge or sparking, removes material from the workpiece and the wire to produce the desired shape in the workpiece. EDM machining can produce complex, high quality, precision parts out of even the toughest material. As long as it can conduct electricity, it can be cut using EDM. The way wire EDM works makes it a perfect candidate for burr free parts.

Wire EDM. What we can do for you?

 At Grace, we have been cutting parts with wire EDM for more then 20 years. We can combine our other capabilities with wire EDM to produce highly complex parts that would otherwise be very difficult and expensive to produce. With our machines we can routinely hold a +/-.001 tolerance, regardless of quantity. If necessary we can improve the tolerance to meet your needs. We can handle high production volumes with quick turnaround time. Recently, we installed two brand new wire EDM machines in our facility bringing our machine count to six and increasing our production rate.