Laser Cut

Grace Manufacturing has five Amada high-powered CO2 laser cutting work stations; four of which are unique in that they utilize a rigid cast machine base and fixed optics for maximum cut accuracy.

These machines can cut a wide variety of materials including all grades of stainless steels, carbon steels, Kovar and titanium up to .5″ thick (depended on metal type).

Power Output Capability

2000 Watts, Continuous Wave (CW), Gated Pulse (square wave), Super Pulse ( 2.5 X CW power) and Hyper Pulse ( Amada’s proprietary pulse shapes for optimal metal cutting).

The versatility of these power outputs and pulse rates of up to 5,000 Hz allow us to produce accurate cuts and clean edges while minimizing any undesirable heat effects.

Laser Accuracy

Specified positioning accuracies of +/- 0.0002″ in 20″ of travel and a repeatability of 0.000079″ allow us to produce laser cut parts with a feature positional and edge to edge accuracies of up to +/- .001″ or better depending on the particular material’s properties.

A Unique Grace Advantage- Combined Laser Cutting, Chemical Machining and EDM

At Grace Manufacturing we specialize in combining advanced technologies; laser cutting, photo- chemical machining and wire EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) to produce parts that have accurately located, stepped channels, pocket and edge features. Complex parts can be produced by using unique combinations of the these technologies without the need for expensive hard tooling.


A list of typical parts produced at Grace Manufacturing include; encoder discs, lead frames, shims and spacers, EMI shields, valve plates, spring contacts and reed valves. There are numerous other applications beyond these.

There are limitations, such as size of openings, tolerances attainable at various thicknesses, etc… Contact Grace Manufacturing with any questions or concerns and let us submit a quote for your next manufacturing need.