Grace Manufacturing Solution Center

Grace Manufacturing Solution Center

Tim Heikes, Director of Operations at Grace Mfg

There are a few things that really make Grace Manufacturing Inc. unique.  I am always amazed at how involved our staff gets with coming up with ideas and solutions to manufacture products more quickly and inexpensively.  Our engineers truly work hand in hand with our customers throughout the life of their product.  We sit in a position of having a small company atmosphere where each customer is valued and yet have state of the art equipment along with several methods to manufacture metal parts.  For our customers I can’t think of a better combination.

Our engineers are used to working with large companies as well as individual people.  If you have a print that needs to come to life, we can do that.  If you have an idea that needs a print and then come to life, well, we do that too.  Each of our customers is valued and the parts they want to build tend to fuel our imagination.  We enjoy finding inventive ways to build things.  It’s how we got started in manufacturing and we haven’t strayed from our roots.

Most typically one thinks of a solutions center as solely focusing on engineering (process creation, tool creation, blue print creation).  That is not so here at Grace.  Our Quality Team is involved from the start in order to assure robust processes that meet Industry and Governmental standards.

At least one common theme rests with all our customers, they want to partner with a company that responds, innovates, and is willing to grow with them.  Here at Grace that is what we do.