Thank you for your interest in us! We are a team of passionate, engaged and ambitious employees who love what we do and and love to be successful.

Grace Manufacturing is a diverse company made up of several different industries.
We are precision machinists!
We design and create precision part and tools for manufacturing, automotive parts and healthcare industries around the world. We pride ourselves on being the very best at what we do and have a highly skilled team of engineers, designers and machinists on our team to create whatever the customer needs to produce their goods.
We are culinary tool creators!
Microplane® is the premier brand worldwide for exceptionally sharp culinary tools. Possibly most famous for our graters and zesters, the brand has revolutionized the way chefs and home cooks grate and zest a wide range of ingredients for flavorful, gourmet style cooking and baking.
We are designers!
Our Sweet Dreams division in Texas creates beautiful handmade bedding for customers worldwide. For 25 years, Sweet Dreams has served as a leading designer and manufacturer of opulent luxury bedding and decorative pillows. This excellent craftsmanship and the exclusive choice of fabrics from around the world has led Sweet Dreams to be recognized as a leader in quality heirloom home textiles.
We have locations both in the US and globally:
Russellville, AR
McAllen, TX
Lake Station, IN
Tempe, AZ

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